Since April 2021, our company has entered into an agreement with the IT RUN Kids programming school to give children (9-15 years old) the necessary IT knowledge and skills. In May 2021, students from Khujand and Jabbor Rasulov district began a 4-month programming course.

The students got acquainted with computer tools and learned how to use Scratch for creating different games, gifs, and cartoons. During the course, students also got acquainted with App-Inventor and learned how to visually design Android apps and create their own projects. So today, with new skills, all students successfully completed the course and defended their projects in front of teachers and parents.

Our company believes that we should not wait for admission to a university so that a child will be taught programming, as the basic IT knowledge is useful throughout all stages of life.  Of course, the earlier a children start learning, the more they will have time to try various programming languages, technologies, platforms, and the sooner they will start to create something themselves.

For example, if children need to do a school project, one can use paper questionnaires to gather needed information – and this is also great – while the second student can use various technologies for creating a digital survey. This approach opens more opportunities: the information received can be analyzed and sorted easier, shared between classes, transferred to other schools, or saved for future use.

During such projects, children develop critical thinking, master the basics of programming, and learn to structure information. Moreover, the child will learn how to better compose colors, place objects, and understand something about design.